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You can move any app on Android to the external microSD card, here’s how


Smartphones nowadays are commonly available with large amounts of base storage, but there are times when you might need more storage than what is currently available. MicroSD cards are external memory storage cards that are going to get obsolete in the future, yet, some OEMs are preserving the external memory slot in their devices. Usually, high-quality videos eat up a lot of storage which can be moved to external storage, but future games and apps are getting bigger by the day. Moving these heavy apps and games to your SD card can free up a lot of internal storage. Here are some of the steps below which can help you to move an app to a microSD card.
Steps to move apps to microSD card
Open your phone and go to the ‘Settings’ app
Scroll down and look for the ‘Apps’ option
Select the apps that you want to move to SD card and tap on those apps
Then click on ‘Storage Option’
If that app supports the feature you will find an option ‘Storage Used’ and to move that app from the internal memory to the external memory card, click on ‘Select’
Then choose the option ‘microSD card’
Then click on ‘Move’
Now, the file(s) will be moved to your SD card
Most of the apps will keep on storing some files in the main storage and won’t entirely move to the microSD card. This is a universal method and if any app follows it, you will be able to move only a large chunk of it to the SD card. The exact steps may differ depending on the operating system and your phone’s UI. These steps are from a Samsung device that runs on OneUI 3 based on Android 11.
Steps to merge SD card with phone’s internal memory
You can expand your phone’s internal memory using another method. This doesn’t mean you have to manually move all the apps to your SD card. If you own an empty SD card, insert it into your smartphone’s SD card slot. If the phone supports that option, a notification will pop up asking about your preference for using the SD card. Select the option that reads ‘adopt external storage’. Although, not all phones have this merged storage option enabled. Here are the steps if you want to perform this action in another way.
Insert the SD card into the phone
Look for the ‘Settings’ app and access it
Find out ‘Storage’ and click on it
Then tap the option showing your SD card that you inserted before
Choose the menu button and select ‘Storage settings’
Here you will find an option that says ‘Format as internal’
Hit on ‘Erase and Format’
Then confirm it by tapping ‘Okay’
Now, you can transfer the data or choose to do it later
There are a few things to consider in this particular method. Firstly, you won’t be able to exchange your SD card or use the same to transfer files to other devices. Secondly, internal memory of any smartphone is way faster than any common SD card. To balance it out your phone will work in the slower speeds of the SD card rather than using the faster transfer speed available on its internal memory.

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