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Wired or wireless mouse: Which one is best for you?


Even with trackpads getting better, bigger and more responsive on laptops, a lot of people prefer the ‘comfort’ of using a mouse. Those with desktops have to use a mouse anyhow. When you want to buy a mouse, the question of whether a wired one or a wireless one is the right choice will always come up. Here we tell you the differences between the two mice and which one is best for you
Difference between a wired and wireless mouse
A wireless mouse is relatively slower than a wired one. Most users will not notice the slight lag but if you are into gaming then you will feel the slowness as response time matters.
Comfort and portability
The dangling cable on a wired mouse can be annoying. Not to forget that it limits the area of work as the cable is attached to the laptop and can be restricting. A wireless mouse gives you more freedom, is easy to carry and convenient if and when you are travelling.
Charging and batteries
A wireless mouse will require you to change batteries or it will need you to charge it from time to time. And that will make you wonder do you need another device to charge? Here wired mouses are better as just plug into the port and use it without any charging/battery hassles.
Which mice are more compatible
With a wired mouse, you will need a USB port mostly. A wireless mouse — Bluetooth ones — don’t require any port. There are wireless mice that also need a dongle which would require a port. However, Bluetooth mice are more compatible and will work with every desktop or laptop.
Cost: which is cheaper
Wireless mice are more expensive than wired ones. Maintaining a wired mouse is also cheaper as you don’t have to worry about changing batteries regularly.
The convenience and cost argument can be made for both wired and wireless mice. You need to get one that is suitable for your needs. If you are into gaming, then a wired mouse is much better. If you need convenience and want to avoid the hassle of a wire dangling from your laptop, then wireless is the way to go.

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