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windows 11: Microsoft is working to make Windows 11 faster, here’s how


For many years, Windows users have complained about the updates Microsoft rolls out and them affecting the performance of their machines. With Windows 11, Microsoft is promising to make the whole update process smoother and better. According to a report by TechRadar, the Microsoft Windows developer team has said that performance will be a big focus area for the company in 2022. The Windows developer team shared some insights on a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) post. Microsoft said that improving the responsiveness of Windows is top priority. “A lot of that focus will go into startup/launch perf; in terms of UI elements rendering on the screen (after the framework is loaded), we’ve tested the scalability of doing things like putting 10k buttons on the screen, etc,” the developer team said in the Reddit post.
Windows 11 rollout hasn’t been glitch-free and a lot of users complained about the bugs they have encountered. Users on Reddit complained that the menu and language bar items were slow compared to Windows 10. Or the File Explorer app was having too many glitches. Microsoft hasn’t released a public update to fix the bugs but said that it has been testing to fix them in the Windows Insider preview build.
Microsoft urged users who have been facing issues with Windows 11 to give the company honest feedback so that it could work on fixing the issues. “One way you could help us is to launch Feedback Hub and enter a performance-related problem,” the developer team wrote.
2021 has been a busy and good year for Microsoft. It touched $2 trillion market valuation, launched the all-new Windows 11 and now has another new OS for affordable laptops. Called Windows 11 SE, the OS will directly compete with Google Chrome OS.

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