WhatsApp ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature time limit may change soon

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WhatsApp has recently submitted Android beta version As per a report by WaBetaInfo- the online platform that tracks new and upcoming WhatsApp features, the update shows new changes that may be currently coming to the Delete for Everyone feature. So, what is going to change? Let’s find out
WhatsApp currently allows its users to delete messages from personal as well as group chats within about an hour – 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds to be precise. After the message is deleted, the app displays a notification that reads “This message was deleted.” Readers must note that the feature works only in case the recipient has not read the message before deletion.
The new development indicates that this time limit may be increased to undefined time in a future update.
What is the new undefined time limit?
WaBetaInfo, in its report, has shared a screenshot that allowed it to delete a message as old as three months. The time limit to delete a message in future could be indefinite. This means that WhatsApp users in future will be able to delete ‘without considering when it has been sent’.
“The new version of “delete message for everyone” allows deleting a message sent 3 months ago: this is because WhatsApp is planning to change the time limit in a future update”, the report says.
Is there any timeline for the new feature?
The report says this new version of delete messages for everyone is under development. As mentioned earlier, it is introduced with the new beta version of Android.
WhatsApp’s ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature was first introduced in 2017. At the time of release, the time limit to delete a message was set to 7 minutes. The limit was increased to more than an hour months later.

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