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VIDEO: Strangely, a man was seen exercising in the gym, people said- ‘The neck will break and fall!’


Exercising in the gym is one thing and doing it properly is another. Many people go to the gym but they do not pay attention to whether they are exercising properly or not. Doing the wrong exercise has a bad effect on your health. Not only this, due to this there is also a problem in the muscles or bones. Still, many people consider themselves to be experts and start doing exercises (Man perform weird exercise in gym video) without the help of experts. Recently one such person did this whose video is going viral on social media.

Funny videos are often posted on the social media account ‘overtime’. Recently a video has been shared which is becoming very viral. The reason is a person seen in it who is doing a strange kind of exercise (Man funny exercise in gym video). You will feel like watching the video as if the person has found a way according to his own way but people are getting worried after seeing him because his method is very strange and they believe that in this way he can get hurt.

Man did strange exercise
In the viral video, a man is seen exercising with a gym machine. He is holding a hand-pulling rope in his neck and is lifting the weight of the machine with the help of his neck and hands. Surprisingly, there seems to be a lot of weight on his neck and he is also pulling the machine down with full weight. People are surprised to see him, some are laughing, but many people are worried that he should not get hurt.

People reacted to the video
This video has got more than 20 lakh views, while many people have given their feedback by commenting. A person jokingly asked that which part of the body does this exercise focus on? One said that if a person keeps doing this exercise for a long time, then his neck will fall. One said that this person is doing completely wrong.

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