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This is the highest paid programming language of 2021

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For coders and programmers, the language they use is the essence of their work. Python has been a very popular programming language for a while now. However, a report by The Next Web suggests that its Rust has emerged as the highest paying programming language of 2021. The report cites a study done by tech training company O’Reilly. The study revealed that developers who code in Rust got the highest average salary when compared to other languages like Python.
A developer survey was done by StackOverflow also revealed that Rust is a very popular language among developers.

What makes Rust the highest paid programming language

According to Mike Loukides, the author of the O’Reilly study, Python programmers are in huge demand as there’s a huge supply. He told The Next Web, “There are boot camps turning out Python programmers by the thousands; it’s become the standard language for introductory CS in college; it’s one of two languages that are typically used for data analysis in the sciences. For Rust and Go, the demand is smaller, but the supply is much smaller.”
Looking at salary by programming language, the study revealed that professionals who use Rust have the highest average salary (over $180,000), followed by Go ($179,000), and Scala ($178,000). Python remains very popular and professionals who use the language earned about $150,000 average salary.
Rust, as per the report, has no runtime or garbage collector and is extremely fast. It can be integrated easily with other languages and has the ability to eliminate many classes of bugs at compile-time.
Some of the jobs that Rust programmers are paid highly are software engineers, backend engineers, blockchain engineers and more. The report cites the average salaries of these jobs in the UK. For instance, a software engineer in the UK could draw close to 44,000 pounds whereas a blockchain engineer could get anywhere close to 55,000 pounds.

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