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The person found a wonderful way to keep the seat next to the plane safe, the hand made a human! video viral


The whole experience of traveling in a plane is a lot of fun. Reaching your destination in no time, flying above the clouds, seeing the cities from the sky makes everyone feel exciting, but sometimes people’s journey becomes difficult. That is when the plane is not full and people leave their seats (flight seat video) and start sitting here and there. Many people do not like to sit in the seat next to them. But when there is an empty plane, no one can be stopped from sitting (How to stop people to sit next to you). Recently a person found a wonderful way to avoid this problem which is going viral.

Posts related to planes and air travel are shared on an Instagram account named ‘Airborne Camera’. A few days ago a video (how to reserve seat next to you in flight) was posted on this account in which a person is seen giving special advice to people traveling in the plane. This advice is for those people who do not like to sit in the seat next to them during air travel. Let us tell you that this is a funny video which has been made only from the point of view of entertainment. According to the person, this method can be adopted only in the situation when there are many seats vacant in the plane and people are looking for alternatives to leave their seats and sit on other seats.

Amazing way to shove the side seat
In the video, a person is sitting on the window seat of the plane and right next to him is a person who is wearing a blue hoodie jacket and cap. At first, both are seen looking out of the mirror together, but when both of them turn their eyes towards the camera, then it is understood that there is no person sitting next to him, it is just a cloth, which the person has made using his hands to give a human look. Have given. If you look carefully, you will see the man’s hand going inside the cloth on which he has worn a jacket and cap. It is possible that he has also used something else to support the cloth. Along with this video, he wrote- “If you are traveling in South West airline and do not want to let anyone sit next to you, then follow this method.” Let us tell you that South West airline is the main airline of America.

People reacted to the video
This video has got more than 79 lakh views, while many people have given their feedback by commenting. One said that this method may not be successful in South West airline because every flight is full. One said that this method will be successful only till the flight is not empty. While one jokingly asked, in this way no one’s attention will be on the missing legs under the clothes?

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