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The Lincoln Lawyer Review: There are two episodes more in this web series


Michael Connelly is not a new name for fans of detective novels and legal thrillers. About 31 novels written by him have been published in about 40 languages ​​and have a readership of 75 million. In 2005, he wrote a novel “The Lincoln Lawyer” which became so well received that first a film was made on it and now recently a web series of 10 episodes which has been released on Netflix. The main character in this is a lawyer named Mickey Haller, who solves the cases of his clients entangled with some personal and minor legal problems, but his morals always prevent him from supporting the wrong people. Till 2019, 7 novels of this series have arrived. The web series The Lincoln Lawyer is originally based on the novel of the same name, as well as some anecdotes from Mickey Haller’s life from other novels so that his character can come out strongly. There are some more stories shown in the series which do not have direct relation with Mickey’s life but definitely increase the length of the series.

Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia) has been married twice, has a daughter from his first marriage, and his first wife, Maggie (Neve Campbell), is also a lawyer and works in the District Attorney’s office. Second wife Lorna (Becky Newton) now works with Mickey as his secretary. Mickey had given a prison sentence to an innocent man in a case some time ago, after which he gets into an accident and he becomes addicted to drugs while going through a conflict. When he returns from his addiction, he learns of the murder of a lawyer he knew. A judge summons Mickey and hands over all the cases of the familiar lawyer, with the main case being that of Trevor Eliot, the owner of a gaming company, who is accused of murdering his wife and his wife’s beloved yoga teacher. The series is based on the story of this case as well as Mickey’s other cases, his efforts to mend his relationship with his first wife and daughter, and his attempts to restore his practice.

The concept of Lincoln Lawyer is unique. Mickey does not like working in the office, so he runs his office in his Lincoln car and investigates the case, due to which everyone calls him Lincoln Lawyer. Although this thing is shown very superficially in this series, but this car is an important part of the story. Unlike Hindi films and web series, in American Legal Stories, the lawyer only advocates. A lawyer is not omnipotent and therefore his secretary has a lot of work to do. To spy in the case, he hires a private detective type of person. To get information about the case from the police, he also takes the help of his detective. The film which was made on Lincoln Lauer in 2011 had its hero, Matthew Maconhey, and that film was well-liked. Manuel Garcia has done well in the role of Mickey Haller but he has not been able to match Matthew McConhey. In the first two to three episodes, Manuel does not leave any special effect but slowly he also returns to his complexion and takes the audience under his grip. In the entire series, he has never been seen doing nonsense dialogues. Just opposite, Christopher Gorham has done a wonderful job in the role of his client Trevor Eliot. Christopher has been seen by the audience in many films before and he played the important character of a blind technician Auggie Anderson in a famous TV show called Covert Operation.

Legal gimmicks and heavy legal language have not been used at all in the web series. The cases that helped Mickey regain his lost self-confidence have not been solved by legal tactic. Although Mickey’s wife Maggie has certainly shown a game of law tactic in one case, those too were woven into the story in a very simple way. Mickey’s secretary and his second wife, Lorna, have also dropped out of law because their professor tried to misbehave with them. Lorna is also a little bit knowledgeable about the law, but she remains Mickey’s friend most of the time. The rest of the cast, such as Angus Sampson as Cisco, Natare Guma as Detective Griggs, or Jazzy Racol as Izzy, have done well. The rest of the actors come on screen for a short time and act according to their ability. By the way, if both of Mickey’s wives Maggie and Lorna are left out, then the rest of the cast looks almost ordinary.

Ted Humphrey and David Kelly have written this series together and instead of making it a boring legal series, it has turned into an interesting story. The name of the series is of course Lincoln Lauer, but its story is taken from The Brass Verdict, the second book in the Mickey Haller series. The series’s weakness is its excessive reliance on the characters, especially Mickey. It seems that preparations have been made to make the season ahead, but this season there is a lack of legal tactic. How a case is framed, what preparation is involved in its presentation, how the judges behave and how the jury makes emotional decisions…all these have been settled very quickly. Small cases are shown to establish the character of Mickey, they are also finished very quickly, due to which Mickey’s intelligence is not visible. In many places, the intelligence of the respondent lawyer and the judge is also doubted that they left such a huge amount of evidence and weakened their own case. If full focus was kept on only one case and mystery was added through the characters, then perhaps this series would have become more fun, by not keeping the small stories, the time of at least two episodes could have been saved and the web series 8 episodes tight. I would end.

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