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The child made 100 subscribers on YouTube, the friend presented the play button made of wood! Smile will come after seeing the photo


In today’s time, whether children or adults, everyone likes to watch videos on YouTube. There are also many people who believe in creating content, not watching it. There is a multitude of content creators on YouTube and every other person has a YouTube channel. But very few people are able to make more subscribers (how to increase youtube subscribers). Recently, when a young child touched the figure of 100 subscribers on his YouTube channel, his friend gifted him a plate button made of wood.

What is youtube play button?
Before giving more information about the news, let us tell you that the play button is actually a gift sent by YouTube to its creators (when youtubers get play button from youtube). When content creators achieve 1 lakh subscribers, YouTube sends them a silver play button. Similarly, Gold on 1 million subscribers, Diamond if 10 million and Red Diamond play button is given by YouTube to content creators on 100 million.

friend gifted wooden play button
Now let me tell you what this whole matter is. Twitter user Matt Koval recently shared a photo and gave a very cute message which people are liking. Matt wrote – My son completed 100 subscribers (boy get wooden play button for crossing 100 subscribers) on YouTube, then his friend made a wooden play button for him and presented him. In the photo there is a wooden plank which has been painted red. The YouTube logo has been made with zig zag lines from the marker on top of it. It is written below – “This button is being presented after achieving 100 subscribers….” The name of the child has been hidden in the photo.

People reacted to the photo
This post has got more than 69 thousand likes while thousands of people have also retweeted it. Many people have given their feedback by commenting. One person told that his younger sister also did something similar when her thousand subscribers were completed. One said that this kind of friendship is special which encourages the friend, while one said that such emotional support is very much needed to run a YouTube channel.

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