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shringla: India’s target of 500 GW renewable energy by 2030 significant contribution to climate goals: Shringla | India News


GLASGOW: Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla said on Tuesday that India’s new target of 500 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy by 2030, announced at the 26th session of the Conference of Parties (COP26) in Glasgow, is a “very significant” contribution to meeting the goals of the climate summit.
“The Prime Minister spoke at the summit of 500 GW of renewable energy by 2030. By all means, this is a very very significant contribution to the overall area of climate change and in meeting the goals of the summit, considering that India comprises one-sixth of humanity,” Shringla said in a briefing about India’s National Statement at the COP26 Summit in Glasgow.
Foreign Secretary also informed that PM Modi at COP 26 announced that by 2030, 50 per cent of India’s energy needs would be met from renewable energy sources.
“In Paris, our nationally determined contribution said that 40 per cent of our installed electricity would come from non-fossil fuel energy sources. The PM today announced that by 2030, 50 per cent would be met with renewable energy. So that’s a significant announcement again,” he said.
The Prime Minister also stated that India will reduce its carbon emissions by 1 billion tonnes from now until 2030, Foreign Secretary said.
“Again one of the Nationally Determined Contribution announced in Paris was the emissions intensity of our economy would be reduced between 33 and 35 per cent by 2030, this is over 2005 levels. The Prime Minister today said that this would be reduced by 45 per cent. And for the first time, India has spoken about net-zero by 2070,” he said.
Shringla said that Prime Minister Modi delivered “a seminal statement” at the COP and highlighted the range and depth of climate actions taken by India along with future goals that the country has set for itself.
“The highlight of the day was the Prime Minister’s National Statement on COP26. You would all agree this is a seminal statement. This is a very significant contribution by India towards global action on the climate change agenda,” Shringla said at a press briefing.
“It (speech by PM Modi) not only highlights the range and depth of climate actions taken by India but also future goals that India has set for herself,” he added.
During his COP26 address on Monday, Prime Minister Modi announced five “amrit tatva” including the target to attain net-zero emissions by 2070. He stated that India is the only major economy that has worked and delivered on the Paris commitments both in letter and spirit.
The high-level segment of COP26 is titled the World Leaders’ Summit (WLS) and is being attended by heads of state or government of more than 120 countries.

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