Samsung teases new foldable OLED screens

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Samsung is the largest manufacturer of small-sized OLED panels in the world. The small panels are used in smartphones and tablets including the Apple iPhone 12, Apple iPhone 13 and foldable devices such as Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy Z Fold3. Recently, the tech giant also started to manufacture medium-sized OLED panels with high refresh rates for laptops. Now, as spotted by SamMobile, the company has set up a new website that showcases various kinds of flexible OLED panels that it makes.
The Korean manufacturer is calling it flexible OLED panels ‘Flex OLED’. There are five sub-categories of Flex OLED mentioned on the website – Flex Bar, Flex Note, Flex Square, Rollable Flex, and Slidable Flex. The Flex Bar OLEDs are used in clamshell-style foldable smartphones like the Galaxy Z Flip3 while the Flex Square OLEDs are for foldable smartphones like the Galaxy Z Fold3. The Flex Note OLEDs are for laptops with foldable screens.
The Slidable Flex OLEDs can be used on devices with slidable screens. A prototype of such a device was showcased by Oppo last year but till now there is no word from the company about the production of the smartphone. The Rollable Flex OLEDs by Samsung can be used in devices with rollable screens. One such device is LG rollable TV that comes with a rollable screen. Samsung does not have any product that features Slidable Flex or Rollable Flex but it is likely we may see a device with these OLEDs soon.
The company claims that even with heavy usage of 100 folds a day, the ultra thin glass stands up to over five years of constant use. That’s equal to enduring over 200,000 folds and still working fine, in tests verified by Bureau Veritas.

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