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Samsung hints the launch date for its Exynos 2200 chipset


Samsung is expected to soon announce its next flagship chipset that will power its upcoming Galaxy S22 series smartphones in regions other than China and US. It’s no secret by now that Samsung is working in close partnership with AMD to improve gaming performance of its next Exynos chip by integrating AMD GPU inside it and the alleged Exynos 2200 SoC will be the first of its kind.
Today, the South Korean brand has laid down a pretty strong hint about when it might unveil its next-generation chipset in an Instagram post from Samsung Exynos account.
Both the caption of the post and the text in the images gives us a glimpse at what we might expect from Samsung’s next Exynos chip or how Samsung wants users to see the new chipset.
The caption reads, “Gaming has come a long way. What we used to deem ‘immersive’, relied on a slew of external factors, like the surrounding environment. But the advancements of semiconductors have changed that – learn how, when we move to our new home on Nov. 19th. Stay tuned. #EverythingChanges”
The first slide of the post that reads ‘How it started’ has an image with a person playing an old arcade game. Another slide reads, “Let’s show you what entertainment will look like in the future,” one of the carousel slides reads”.
However, the most important bit is in the last slide, “Everything changes on November 19, 2021”. Which clearly means that Samsung will unveil the next-generation Exynos chipset (Exynos 2200) on November 19.
Exynos 2200: What we know so far
Leaks and rumours have already highlighted several aspects of the upcoming Exynos chipset. The most important bit is the inclusion of AMD GPU that’s expected to bring substantial improvements to the graphics performance over previous generations. Apart from that, the new chip will most likely harness ray-tracing capabilities as well due to mRDNA graphics processor.
Apart from that the chip will have a max clock speed of 1250MHz and will support 144Hz refresh rate, 5G connectivity, latest version of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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