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Real Patrizia Reggiani says she’s not guilty of killing Maurizio Gucci in new series


Reggiani, played by Lady Gaga in a new film, says she didnt kill ex Gucci despite being convicted for it
Reggiani, played by Lady Gaga in a new film, says she didn’t kill ex Gucci despite being convicted for it 

The original Patrizia Reggiani, former wife of Gucci heir Maurizio Gucci and subject of the film House of Gucci, says she is not guilty for her ex-husband’s murder despite being convicted for it in 1998.

Reggiani, portrayed by Lady Gaga in the Ridley Scott film, in a new episode of People Magazine Investigates: Killing Gucci said, “I’m not innocent, but I’m not guilty.”

According to the now 72-year-old Reggiani, who was sent to jail for 18 years for orchestrating her ex-husband’s fatal shooting in 1995, she was in bed when she found out about Gucci getting shot.

“I heard my telephone ring, and my nanny told me that Maurizio was shot. First I couldn’t believe it and then I thought, my problems are gone and then just [felt] sorrow,” she recalled.

She further insisted that her fellow convicted co-conspirators blackmailed her in the aftermath of the shooting.

“In court, I admitted Maurizio and I hated each other. I made a lot of threats, but I didn’t give the order to kill him,” she said, adding that she still doesn’t understand why she was arrested.

Reggiani and Gucci were married from 1972 to 1994. A year after their divorce was finalized, Gucci was shot outside his Milan office and two years later Reggiani was convicted for the crime. 

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