Prince Charles ‘carried a sea of burden’ amid Diana’s tragic death: report

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Charles had ‘enormous burden’ and had to make some crucial decisions after Diana’s passing/File footage

Prince Charles hit rock bottom upon receiving the tragic news of his ex-wife, Princess Diana’s passing away in a car accident.

The Prince of Wales had ‘enormous burden’ on his shoulders and had to make some crucial decisions while dealing with the pain. 

“I think by the end of Diana’s journey, I see [Charles] as grief-stricken,” royal expert Matt Robins shared with Us Weekly while promoting CNN Original’s Diana six-part documentary series. 

“I see him as somebody who carried an enormous burden through her death and her funeral, somebody [who] has to make impossible decisions,” he added. 

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The film producer continued, “You know, he has been criticized for the fact that [his sons Prince William and Prince Harry] walked alongside him [during the procession], but what do you do, and how many of us would make the perfect call every time, where the eyes of the world [were] upon us?”

Robins further noted that, in making the CNN series, it’s easy to empathise with his subjects, especially with the Prince of Wales, 73.

“I think certainly in episode one, we’re going into quite a lot of detail actually about what it’s like to be Charles, you know, the pressure, the kind of weight on your shoulders of knowing that you will be king,” he told the outlet about the filmmaking process. 

“So I think I have a lot of empathy for him, and I think that [the royals] don’t necessarily want to do the job. … I kind of feel, like, the pressure and the toll on their mental well-being is a factor that perhaps none of us really understood back then — as we saw them as people that were able to do whatever they wanted, they were privileged people. They lived in this, kind of, gilded cage,” said Robins. 

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