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Prince Andrew facing ‘increased trouble’ with Virginia Giuffre case as ‘wall of silence falls’

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Prince Andrew is currently at the helm of incurring major harm in his lawsuit with Virginia Giuffre if his “wall of silence” falls at any time during the course of the case.

This claim has been made by the Daily Mirror’s royal editor  Russell Myers and during his interview with  True Royalty’s Royal Beat he admitted, “The problem he has is being non-committal in his defence by having this wall of silence and now going so firmly on the attack.”

He also told the hosts of the show, “One may wonder if his back is up against the wall. He’s come out fighting, will a judge take too kindly to that?”

“I don’t think so, I think they’ll wonder how on earth he knows or is professing to know these details about Virginia Giuffre after saying that he had no recollection of meeting her and he’s never had any associations with her.”

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