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Pentagon report: China trying to push territorial claim with India | India News


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WASHINGTON: China has continued “taking incremental and tactical actions” to press its claims at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with India and has unsuccessfully sought to prevent New Delhi from deepening its relationship with the United States, the Pentagon has said in a report.
“The PRC (People’s Republic of China) seeks to prevent border tensions from causing India to partner more closely with the United States. PRC officials have warned US officials to not interfere with the PRC’s relationship with India,” the department of defense told the US Congress on Wednesday.
The Pentagon regularly reports to the Congress on the Indo-Chinese military standoff in eastern Ladakh. The department has categorically said China is indulging in aggressive and coercive behaviour with its neighbours, India in particular. The Pentagon said despite the ongoing diplomatic and military dialogues to reduce border tensions, China has continued “taking incremental and tactical actions” to press its claims at the LAC.
“In 2020, China built a large 100-home civilian village inside disputed territory between the Chinese Tibet Autonomous Region and India’s Arunachal Pradesh state in the eastern sector of the LAC. These and other infrastructure development efforts along India-China have been a source of consternation in the Indian government,” the Pentagon said.


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