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omr: CBSE to evaluate OMR-sheets on exam day, at centres

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NEW DELHI: CBSE has finalised the all new OMR-sheet for its Term-1 MCQ-based 90-minute Board exams to commence from November 16, 2021.

The Term-1 exam will have a maximum of 60 questions and is to be filled with a pen. The OMR-sheet has been customised with an additional “box” and a separate column so that candidates need not erase a wrong entry and can also indicate the questions skipped.

Another big-step CBSE has initiated from this year is that it will evaluate the OMR-sheets on the very day of the exam at the centre before uploading/ handing over the same to the regional office.


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A record 36 lakh class X and XII students will take the exams this year.

Accessed exclusively by the TOI, the OMR-sheet (see pic) with space to respond to 60 questions will be common for all the subjects offered by CBSE. However, the number of questions will vary according to the subjects.

Each question will have four options to choose from i.e., ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’ and ‘d’. A candidate will fill the corresponding oval which he/ she thinks is the correct answer. Each of the corresponding four options to a question will be followed by a blank “square box”, on the OMR-sheet which a candidate can use in case of a wrong entry in the oval space.

“The candidate can use the box to mention which he/ she feels is the correct answer in case he/ she thinks is different from the response recorded in the oval space (‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’ or ‘d’). If a candidate utilises the box, only that response will be taken into account during evaluation,” said Dr Sanyam Bhardwaj, controller of examinations, CBSE.

The OMR-sheet will have an additional column of 60 oval shapes for each of the 60 questions. This space is to be filled at the end of the exam by the candidate indicating the questions skipped.

“This additional column will have 60 ovals for 60 questions. If a question paper has 50 questions and a candidate skips any of those, the corresponding oval(s) in this column will be filled by him/ her,” added Bhardwaj.

According to Bhardwaj, CBSE will be evaluating the OMR-sheets on the same day of the exams. As per the plans, the OMR-sheet responses will be mapped at the centre, the score recorded and thereafter the sheets will be sent to the respective regional offices.

CBSE will also share videos on the evaluation process for the candidates and teachers as well as the sample OMR-sheet.

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