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‘Net-zero carbon emissions by 2070’: PM Modi announces India’s 5 commitments at climate summit | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that India will reach its net zero carbon emission target by 2070 as he laid out the country’s climate action plan.
Addressing the COP26 climate change summit at Glasgow, the Prime Minister stressed on collective fight by nations to tackle the devastating effects of climate change and called for making ‘Lifestyle for Environment’ (LIFE) a global mission.
PM Modi announced to the world the five commitments or targets that India would meet as it works “very hard” to tackle climate change-related issues.
Commitment 1
By 2030, India will increase its non-fossil capacity to 500 gigawatt.
Commitment 2
By 2030, India will fulfil 50 per cent of its energy requirements with renewable energy.
Commitment 3
India will reduce one billion tonne of the total projected carbon emission between now and 2030.
Commitment 4
By 2030, India will reduce its economy’s carbon intensity to less than 45%.
Commitment 5
India will achieve the target of net zero emissions by 2070.
‘Climate change at centre of India’s policies’
Representing India at the ‘High-Level Segment for Heads of States and Government’ at the UN COP26 underway at Glasgow, UK, Prime Minister Modi said that India is working very hard on tackling climate change related issues.
He said that India is putting climate change at the centre of its policy-making.
The Prime Minister said India’s contribution in climate change mitigation far outstrips its role in emissions.
Warning that climate change is a major threat to the existence of many developing countries, the Prime Minister called on nations to must take major steps to save the world from the effects of global warming.
“It is the need of the hour and will prove the relevance of this platform. I’m hopeful that decisions taken in Glasgow will save future of our next generations,” the Prime Minister said.
Calling for lifestyle changes, Modi said that environmentally conscious lifestyle choices can go a long way in tackling climate change. He urged to make ‘Lifestyle for Environment’ a global mission.
The Prime Minister reiterated that developed nations must fulfil the promised $1 trillion as climate finance, saying this should be tracked the same way as climate mitigation.
“India expects developed countries to make $1 trillion available as climate finance as soon as possible. As we track the progress of climate mitigation, we must also track climate finance. Justice would truly be served if pressure is put on those countries that have not lived up to their climate finance commitments,” he said.
(With inputs from PTI)

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