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‘MQM-P has nothing to do with govt policies’


Raise in POL prices: ‘MQM-P has nothing to do with govt policies’

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) is definitely an ally of the federal government but has not been consulted while devising the policies related to the people, said the party’s senior deputy convenor Amir Khan.

He stated this while addressing a Milad-e-Mustafa event organised by the MQM-P Hyderabad district.Amir Khan said that because of the policies that are being formulated by the federal government, prices of all food items and petrol have increased significantly and dollar is not flying down. “Most parts of the country will face a severe gas crisis in December while electricity tariff is also increasing day by day,” said Khan. He said the federal government should reconsider its anti-people policies that have been impacting people badly. It must consult with all allies, including MQM-P, before formulating any policy.Amir Khan said that unfortunately, when these decisions are being made, MQM-P is not included. “MQM-P expresses its severe concerns about the rising prices in the country and ignores the party in the policy making process and also records its protest through the media representatives,” he said. “We recorded our protest and clearly said that the prices that are being increased are not acceptable to us.” MQM-P leader asked questions about the “rigging” in the 2018 election., “How did the RTS system stop working, everyone knows that there are hardships on us even today,” he said, “Our workers are still unaware for 6 years and the party has not given back the possession of its offices. Also, there are false cases registered against the party workers.

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