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Meghan Markle slammed for ‘jumping the bandwagon’ with calls to Senator: ‘Won’t end here’


Experts have called out Meghan Markle for completely ‘jumping a bandwagon’ with her cold calls towards the Senator and many even expressed fears that they “won’t be the only one.”

For those unversed, the Duchess managed to call both senators Shelley Moore Capito and Susan Collins via a withheld number without prior appointment.

According to a report by Access Hollywood, “These won’t be the only calls Meghan Markle makes.”

“Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand from New York was the one that gave Meghan the numbers to the US Senators. She wants to be part of working group to work on paid leave long term and she’s going to be.”

“Whether this comes to fruition now or later, she’ll be part of a group of women that hopefulyl will work on paid leave together.”

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