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Meghan Markle slammed for continually releasing ‘unauthorized biographies’


Experts recently weighed in on the possibly ‘embarrassing’ consequences that may arise as a result of Meghan Markle instance towards releasing ‘unauthorized biographies.

This claim’s been made by royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti and during his interview with Express UK, he speculated, “I think Meghan faces a fairly big challenge in terms of family.

“She’s cut off members of her family entirely including her father who she seems to have been very close to growing up and he seems to have supported her and paid for her to be privately educated.

“Now she doesn’t talk to him as far as we’re aware, he frequently speaks out about that and he’s quite critical of her and Harry’s behaviour.

“I think that we can expect in the future members of her family to increasingly say things that she doesn’t want them to whether it’s her brother or her father.

“I think we can also expect more awkward revelations of Meghan in terms of books written about her.

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