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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry ‘only ones’ that can save COP26: report


An expert recently branded Meghan Markle and Prince Harry the ‘only saviours’ with the power to save the COP26.

This claim has been made by radio host Bianca Dye and during her interview with the Australian show, Sunrise she admitted, “I have to say, I think Harry needs to be a little more involved in this, Harry and Meghan.”

“We love Prince Charles, we love Prince William, they’re great but they are kind of the fuddy-duddy royals.”

“To me, the rockstar royals, the ones that have defected, Harry and Meghan. We all see what happens when Harry and Meghan make a bit of a hoo-ha about something, Oprah wants to be a part of it.”

“If you want the world to listen about climate change, you need Oprah to get on board. So I’m sorry but until they wrangle Harry back in for a chat with Meghan, those guys have the power to have the entire world eating out of their hands.”

Before concluding she added, “For me, it’s great and I love that the royals are bringing up climate change, it’s something that’s taken a backseat during the pandemic, let’s go and talk about that again because we need to but bring Harry and Meghan in. Let’s make it powerful, the world will listen.”

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