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Meghan Markle ‘may use’ royal family’s connection to secure ‘enormous deals’

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Meghan Markle recently came under fire for trying to allegedly ‘milk’ her royal connections for the sake of “enormous commercial deals.”

Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti made this claim during his interview with Express UK.

There he was quoted saying, “Having declared in their Oprah interview that they aim to make money to maintain high-level security for themselves, as well as presumably to support their expensive lifestyle including living in a mansion in California, the couple has signed several enormous commercial deals on the back of their connection to the royal family.”

He also added, “In my opinion, having left the UK and quit as a working royal, she is sending a clear message that she still plans to use her connection to the British monarchy as a way to maintain interest in her activities.”

Before concluding he added, “I think that by using the title so deliberately and insistently, she seeks to claim a level of authority or importance beyond that which she would otherwise have as a mere retired actress from a legal-themed soap opera.”

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