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Kerala youth orders wallet online, gets passport as ‘bonus’ | Kozhikode News


KOZHIKODE: A youth in Wayanad has become an internet celebrity overnight after he got an original passport along with a passport-wallet he had ordered online.
The ‘lucky’ customer was Meenangadi native Midhun Babu, a project coordinator with the Brahmagiri Development Society. Midhun says that he has been getting calls from his friends ever since the incident, either to enquire about it or simply to prank him over it.
Midhun had ordered the wallet on October 30. He got the parcel containing the wallet with the passport inside in a sealed cover November 1.
Midhun says that he was taken aback and sought help from his friends on how to deal with it. “I tried to talk to the customer care centre of the online company but they were not helpful. I told a friend of mine who works with Doordarshan and he connected me with a vernacular media. After a report about the incident appeared, the owner of the passport tracked me down and gave me a call. The owner said that he didn’t know what actually happened and was looking for the passport at his home all this while. Later, a TV channel picked up the story and their video report went viral,” said Midhun.
He said that he came across memes made on the incident. “Friends have been calling to ask about it. Some even call asking for help in ‘ordering’ a passport as a prank. Someone else wanted me to order a phone for them. Most were friends trying to pull-off a prank,” said Midhun. The passport was in-fact misplaced in the wallet by another person who had bought and returned the wallet from the online e-commerce platform. The passport is now at the Meenangadi police station from where the original owner would collect it.
A senior officer with Meenangadi police said that the passport belonged to a teenager from Thrissur. “The wallet was returned as the customer was not satisfied with it. They however forgotten to take the passport out before returning the wallet. It seems like the online seller repacked the wallet without opening it and delivered it to the person residing in our limits. He promptly surrendered it before us, and we have informed the owner. They sent a person to collect it, but we can only give it to the owner directly. We have asked him to come with his identification documents,” said the officer, adding that they were treating it as a case of a lost and found passport.

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