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Karachi: Serious crisis of mega platelets after sudden increase in dengue cases


Karachi: After a pointy increase in dengue cases in town of Quaid Platelets The demand has elevated resulting from which the crisis has grow to be severe.

After the growing quantity of dengue sufferers in Quaid metropolis, a crisis of mega platelets has began to come up, whereas few blood banks in town are making mega models of platelets as a result of costly kits and machines of mega platelets.

Due to the alarming increase in cases, the demand for platelets has elevated manifold whereas the administration of platelets has grow to be a nightmare for the residents and they’re pressured to stumble door to door to save lots of their lives.

Platelets will not be out there in all authorities hospitals in town, whereas handbook platelets will not be efficient in the present dengue outbreak. Done.

In this entire state of affairs, no technique has been made by the provincial authorities and Sindh well being division for the availability of mega platelets, the associated fee of a bottle of mega platelets in non-public blood banks has reached greater than 40 thousand, whereas most of the blood banks in town Megaplatelets will not be being made.

Even in authorities hospitals, mega platelets are being supplied just for admitted sufferers, the administration of mega platelets has grow to be an issue for the cities.

Instead of making certain the supply of mega-platelets and stopping profiteering, the well being division and its subsidiaries are interesting to the residents for blood donations whereas the residents of Karachi are dealing with an emergency as a result of dengue virus.

What are megaplatelets?

Hematologist Dr. Zeeshan Hussain of Jinnah Hospital mentioned that standard platelets in technical language are random donor platelets extracted from completely different donors, in which blood is first taken after which the platelets are separated from the blood. Whereas for mega unit platelets, the quantity of platelets extracted from a single donor is the same as 5 to eight platelets from a random donor. .

He mentioned that that is the primary distinction between regular and mega unit platelets, however from scientific use and expertise there isn’t a distinction in the effectiveness of each, solely in phrases of security it may be mentioned that if I take 5 or 6 random donors. There is a 0.1% likelihood of transmitting the viral illness, whereas in a single donor these considerations are diminished.

Dr. Zeeshan Hussain mentioned that there’s a platelet lysis machine to make mega unit platelets, different duties are additionally accomplished with this machine, however it’s costly as a result of solely platelets are extracted from a single donor. While the entire blood goes again into the physique, the mega unit platelets machine kits that are 20 to 22 thousand will not be reusable after a single use, that’s the reason mega unit platelets 25 thousand 40 thousand are being bought.

He mentioned that the rationale for the crisis is the sudden increase in the demand for mega platelets and since Pakistan is among the many nations the place blood donations are low, the mega unit machines are additionally utilized by only some blood banks as a result of if all Blood banks will purchase these machines at costly costs, so what’s going to they use these machines after coping with emergency conditions? This machine can be utilized in different illnesses like most cancers, however large hospitals like Aga Khan University Hospital and Liaquat National Hospital and Only a couple of blood banks can afford the associated fee of this machine, the upkeep of workers for technical work and servicing of the machine as the associated fee of the machine itself is multiple crore. And the life of platelets is simply 5 days.

On the opposite hand, Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority Director Dr. Dare Naz Jamal mentioned that the unfold of dengue in the province is growing each day. Yes, what’s the vary or quantity of platelets in the affected individual? This query is essential, if there’s a danger of bleeding in the affected person, then platelets are administered, but when the platelets are greater than 20,000, then further platelets will not be required.

He mentioned that there isn’t a want to use mega models of platelets in each dengue case, mega models of platelets are utilized solely to sufferers who’re in severe situation, the machines that make mega platelets are very costly, its kits value as much as 25 thousand. While the screening section just isn’t simple, there isn’t a demand for platelets for nearly the entire yr, solely in these few months, the demand for platelets will increase.

Dr. Dere additional mentioned that the platelets machine just isn’t serviced and mega platelets will not be pre-made as they’ve for use inside 5 days.

He urged the residents to use mega platelets solely after the recommendation of medical consultants as a result of the impact of dengue virus wears off in about 11 days and the physique develops its personal skill to make platelets.

Source: www.specific.pk


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