Joe Biden takes to the road to sell infrastructure deal to Americans – live | US news

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Joe Biden will be making a trip to New Hampshire today to speak on $1.2tn infrastructure bill that was signed into law yesterday.

The president will be traveling to Woodstock, New Hampshire, located two hours outside of New Hampshire’s capital, and speaking at the Pemigewasset River Bridge, which is in need of major repairs, according to the WMUR, a local news affiliate.

Biden’s speech will primarily focus on how the newly passed infrastructure bill will benefit rural communities such as Woodstock, as town officials have spent nearly $250,000 across the past decade doing temporary repairs on the bridge.

“I think it’s a great compliment to the Granite State that this is the first stop he’s making after signing the infrastructure bill,” said Democratic state representative Steve Shurtleff, who also said that the money New Hampshire will receive from the bill is very needed.

Biden has had low approval ratings in New Hampshire, similar to dismal approval ratings nationwide. In a recent poll from 20 October by the UNH Survey Center, only 37% of Democratic primary voters said they would vote for Biden in the 2024 primary.


Biden sets off to sell big win on infrastructure bill but polls, inflation, divisions make tough hurdles


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