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Jennifer Aniston stuns fans with intimate scene in final episode of The Morning Show


Jennifer Aniston stuns fans with intimate scene in final episode of The Morning Show

Friends’ alum Jennifer Aniston left nothing to imagine during a hard-hitting emotional scene for The Morning Show.

The 52-year -old actress ditched her clothes during an intimate shower scene for the show,   irking some of her die-hard fans with her unexpected action.

The actress appeared to be an acting diva as she totally indulged into the scene in the final episode of The Morning Show. Her fans were amazed to see their beloved actress in that scene and shared their reaction to social media.

Some of Aniston’s  fans wrote nothing but expressed their reaction via emojis. While lots of others showered loved on her for her performance throughout the show.

Aniston, playing news presenter Alex Levy, retreats to a bathroom so her character can have a mental escape in the season two finale. She has a breakdown while battling Covid.

She has starred alongside Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell in the Apple TV series. The complex set of emotions of her character took a lot out of the actress, who previously confessed that the role never could’ve come to her any sooner than now.

Jennifer previously told a media outlet: “It’s one of the hardest jobs I’ve had. I knew I was up to the task, but then there was the excavation of all the emotions in order to create this world for this woman. All of her lifelines are falling away. I would walk out of some of those scenes feeling like a manhole cover just came off my back.”

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