‘Jen Psaki’s remarks about Kamala Harris are out of Meghan Markle playbook’

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Jen Psakis remarks about Kamala Harris are out of  Meghan Markle playbook

Kamala Harris made history when she became   the first woman to hold presidential power in the United States as President Joe Biden underwent an extensive, routine check-up.

The White House press office said that official letters to Congress declaring the temporary transfer of power were sent at 10:10 am (1510 GMT). “The president resumed his duties at 11:35 am,” (1635 GMT), the White House said in a statement.

“Today that was another chapter in that history for many women, young girls across the country,” Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, noting Harris’ trailblazing role.

Kamala, however, remains target of cricistim for one reason or the other. 

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White House Secretary Jean Psaki   said on Wednesday that racism and sexism are at the root of negative critiques of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Asked if she felt Harris was receiving more criticism because she is the first woman and first woman of color to serve as vice president.

Psaki said, “Yes,” and added“Criticism from the outside, absolutely.

She said, “I do think that it has been easier, and harsher, from some in the right wing who have gone after her because she is the first woman, the first woman of color,” the press secretary added. “I’m not suggesting anyone will acknowledge that publicly, but I think there’s no question that the type of attacks — the attacks on her that certainly, being the first she is many times over, is part of that.”

British TV personality Piers Morgan dismissed Psaki’s remarks and said, “Utter nonsense, but straight out of the Meghan Markle playbook”.

Morgan lost his high-profile breakfast TV slot over attacks on Prince Harry’s wife Meghan.

He left after his long-running criticism of Meghan intensified in the wake of her interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which she revealed she had felt suicidal while living as a royal in Britain.

The morning after the interview was aired on U.S. television, Morgan said on Good Morning Britain, among a torrent of other criticisms, that he did not believe a word Meghan had said. In a Tweet, he called her “Princess Pinocchio”.

Morgan first made his name in the cut-throat world of the British tabloid press, culminating in stints editing the now-defunct News of the World, then the Daily Mirror.

He later went into television, appearing as a judge on the reality shows America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent. For three years he hosted a chat show on CNN, replacing Larry King.

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