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Instagram introduces new ‘Add Yours’ feature that will allow you start Story threads

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Meta (Facebook) owned social media is expanding it’s features to make Instagram Stories more interactive. The social media platform has announced a new feature called the ‘Add Yours’ which will allow you to add interactive stickers to your Stories. This feature was initially tested in Japan and Indonesia and now it is available globally.
Once you have added the sticker to your Stories, other users can use the ‘Add Yours’ option inside it and can share their own image or video to your Story by creating a new thread. For example, you can post an “Outfit of the day” Story and then ask their followers to add theirs with this sticker. To use this feature you have to update the Instagram app to its latest version.
Users can use this tool by choosing it from the navigation bar at the top after capturing or uploading content to your Story. Then you can choose the ‘Add Yours’ sticker to initiate a public thread. On the other hand, you can also reply to an ‘Add Yours’ sticker by hitting on the option and putting your own Story to be a part of the chain.
This new sticker is quite similar to TikTok’s “duet” feature, which allows people to use an original video to create content. Although, Instagram’s feature is a bit different, as it allows you to see others posts in the content chain, while TikTok doesn’t show all the duetted videos that were uploaded from original TikTok accounts. The global availability of this new sticker intends to allow users to collaborate and share their interests, as Instagram tries to compete with other social media networks.
The interactive stickers which were already available to add to your Stories in the social media platform included — sliders, mentions, quiz and polls. Instagram has earlier announced that it is also working on a kids version of the app since the app is available only for users over 13 year old and is not really a child-friendly version. The Instagram Kids app is yet to be unveiled and is currently a work-in-progress.
Instagram also took another initiative to know the birth dates of all of its users to “protect young people” in the community. Users who don’t want to reveal their birthdays will be requested for the same for several times and will eventually have to reveal their age if they want to continue using this social media platform.

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