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‘I don’t wish it on my worst enemy’: Calgarians detail life with an electricity load limiter


Josie Gagne was stumbling at the hours of darkness, sobbing whereas on the cellphone with an Enmax buyer assistant, as she tried to find the tiny orange button underneath the utility meter that might restore warmth inside. 

It was the shock that bought her.

The younger single mom with two youngsters underneath two returned house one winter day final 12 months to discover a observe on her door from Enmax. She’d fallen behind on payments; the house was now on a limiter, capping her electricity.

The furnace was off and at that time, she had no concept what a limiter even was.

“I’m freaking out. I’m crying, thinking ‘What am I going to do?'” she mentioned.

“It’s the middle of winter, it’s still cold outside. How am I going to feed my children when my oven doesn’t work?”

Josie Gagne factors to the spot the place she discovered the load limiter re-set button on her meter. She says any time she used an excessive amount of electricity directly she was pressured to reset her meter outdoors. (Mike Symington/CBC)

Rising utility payments have group advocates anxious the variety of Calgarians going through this state of affairs will enhance, and lots of don’t know what a load limiter is.

It’s typically the first step before disconnection

Several Calgary residents flagged the difficulty whereas sharing their utility invoice experiences with CBC Calgary through text messaging, and on Calgary Kindness, a mutual assist Facebook group.

They’ve shared their private tales with CBC journalists so others know what to anticipate.

Contributors mentioned they had been scared their fridge would lose energy and their groceries would rot. They relied on air fryers, barbecues or a scorching plate to make it by.

The further charges — $52 for the notice, $52 to remove the limiter — solely made it worse.

Plus, the black mark on their recordsdata means they typically cannot get a contract with extra beneficial fastened charges.

When the gadget is put in, a range or the rest requiring 240 volts of electricity will not work.

Load limiters permit for continued operation of a furnace, a couple of lights and small home equipment (however solely one by one). If an excessive amount of electricity is used directly, the limiter will journey — turning off the facility all collectively, till the meter is reset bodily by the consumer or remotely by the distribution firm.

Gagne was finally in a position to entry one-time assist by Alberta Works that finally led to her energy being absolutely restored, however the time spent on the limiter nonetheless haunts her. Meal instances grew to become particularly troublesome. 

“You’re kind of limited to noodles, to maybe a hot dog, your toaster will work, your microwave will work. But there’s only so much you can do,” she mentioned.

“It’s upsetting and I’m getting just a little bit teary-eyed just thinking about it, because these are my children and you put your kids first regardless of anything. As a parent, when you can’t provide that for your kids, it’s a hard reality.” 

Being on maternity depart, Gagne mentioned she’s as soon as once more fallen behind on her utility payments — and she or he’s anxious a limiter shall be positioned on her house any day. 

“Am I looking forward to it? Absolutely not. But is there anything else that I can do? Yeah, of course you can pay your whole bill, but then there is a risk I am not going to be able to pay my rent. Or am I not going to go to the grocery store for the next three weeks?” she mentioned. 

“For me, it’s important to pay for a roof over top of our heads, for shelter, before paying for a utility bill.”

Because she accessed assist from Alberta Works final 12 months, she shouldn’t be eligible for help from them once more.

Limited use of home equipment

Lori Vaandering’s household was additionally positioned on a limiter for a couple of weeks this month. It was eliminated final week after the household additionally acquired one-time monetary help by Alberta Works. 

“Quite a few months had piled up.… We were getting bills that said ‘you need to pay,’ and then they came [and put the limiter on],” she mentioned.

“I don’t wish it on my worst enemy and I hope that it never happens again because it’s very frustrating.”

Like Gagne, Vaandering’s household could not use their dishwasher, dryer, oven or range. 

“We used an electric kettle, toaster, toaster oven and microwave — but only one at a time. It wasn’t always ideal because I felt like the kids weren’t being fed properly,” she mentioned. 

“Our clothes piled up because we’d have to go to a friend’s house and do our laundry. But we don’t have a vehicle so we had to take a taxi or transit everywhere. Everything is expensive right now.”

CBC News requested Enmax what number of clients are positioned on limiters or who skilled disconnection final 12 months. The firm didn’t present that info.  (Evelyne Asselin/CBC)

Salwa El-Maghwry is this system supervisor with Rise Calgary (previously Sunrise), an group that helps Calgarians going through eviction and homelessness entry providers and pay payments.

She mentioned limiters and disconnection is a subject of dialog with shoppers daily.

“We’ve had clients that require a lift to get upstairs to go to bed, but they’re are on a load limiter [so it won’t run]. I think that these things definitely need to be addressed,” she mentioned. 

CBC News requested Enmax what number of clients are positioned on limiters or who skilled disconnection final 12 months. The firm didn’t present that info. 

Alberta rules say electricity can’t be fully disconnected between Oct. 15 and April 15.

“The Utilities Consumer Advocate works with any clients who do expertise shut offs within the spring and summer time to ensure that they do not go into the winter season without electricity or pure fuel providers,” mentioned the minister of pure fuel and electricity’s press secretary, Taylor Hides, in a press release.

She says from 2017 to 2018, there have been 3,486 disconnections that lasted lengthy sufficient to be reported to the Advocate, probably for months.

An unknown quantity had been disconnected, then reconnected inside weeks or days. Last 12 months, the quantity reported to the Advocate was 1,485.

The information for this 12 months shouldn’t be but out there.

Geoff Scotton, spokesman for the Alberta Utilities Commission, mentioned there isn’t any authorized requirement for the utility firms to report the variety of clients who face disconnection or limiters.

Economists warned clients to lock of their fee final fall, if attainable, after they noticed electrical firms began to bulk purchase energy at far increased charges.

As predicted, the floating fee rose to just about double one of the best out there fastened fee over the winter.

Customers ought to nonetheless lock in to economize now, if they can, says University of Calgary economist Blake Shaffer.

Looking at these bulk buys for six months into the long run, he says the speed will probably surge once more in August, though not fairly as excessive. It’s not anticipated to drop near the present greatest fastened fee of seven cents/kWh for not less than a 12 months.

Some contracts permit clients to modify between the floating and glued fee as soon as a month.

“If you missed a bill, sometimes you won’t be eligible to get on these fixed rates. Some of these require a $100 deposit, which, especially nowadays, isn’t something that everyone can quickly and easily come up with,” mentioned Shaffer. 

“I think that when we talk about all of the things we can do to help Albertans right now, to me, the focus has to be on those most at risk of not being able to pay their bills or even being at risk of being cut off. That’s where the attention should be and there are barriers for many folks to get on these fixed rates.”

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