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How To Use A Salad Spinner To Revive Wilted Greens


When you reside in a house or condo that has restricted kitchen cupboard space, bringing in new home equipment or devices could be a severe headache… particularly in the event that they’re cumbersome. However, when a instrument—like a salad spinner—has multifunctional advantages, we’re all ears.

Like an incredible BOGO deal, a salad spinner actually does all of it—which means a lot extra than simply taking your greens for a wild journey. We spoke with Gregory Gourdet, a chef and founding father of Kann and Sousòl and James Beard Foundation Award-Winning Author of Everyone’s Table: Global Recipes for Modern Health concerning the many genius methods you’ll be able to put this instrument to work. He additionally shared his favourite salad spinner available on the market (which implies it is time to lastly filter out that battered outdated popcorn popper of yours to create space).

Five good makes use of for a salad spinner

1. Revive wilted greens

Quite probably essentially the most stunning (and magical) approach to make use of a salad spinner is by bringing soggy greens or herbs again to life. According to Gourdet, you simply have to observe three easy steps to execute it this trick.

“If greens from your local farmers market or grocery store have wilted in the fridge, you can easily revive them with a 10 to 15-minute ice bath and a few twirls in a salad spinner,” Gourdet says. Start by filling up the bowl of a salad spinner with ice water, then submerge the basket stuffed with the greens inside. Once the parched greens have absorbed the moisture and replenished their dehydrated cells for about 10 to fifteen minutes, raise the basket containing the greens out, and eliminate the ice water. Finally, give the greens spin to take away any extra moisture.

The end result: Shockingly revived greens that look good as new, which Gourdet says additionally works for herbs like cilantro, parsley, and mint. Swoon.

2. Use it as a serving bowl for minimal cleanup

For minimal cleanup and most practicality, Gourdet says his favourite salad spinner available on the market doubles as a serving bowl as soon as he’s carried out utilizing it for cleansing, prepping, and spinning greens. “The Glass Salad Spinner from OXO transitions beautifully from the kitchen to table with its sustainable, borosilicate glass body, which doubles as a stunning glass serving bowl,” he says. Basically, the area that it occupies in an already-cramped kitchen cupboard is greater than price it, as a result of it does double-duty. (Read: that is the proper excuse to cast off these cracked classic Pyrex bowls.)

3. Wash different fruits and veggies (with out losing a whole roll of paper towel)

Although it’s known as a salad spinner, this instrument can rinse extra than simply romaine leaves. Enlist it to clean other types of fresh produce, like strawberries, blueberries, or broccoli. To achieve this, drop your fruits and veggies into the basket, rinse them, soak them, and pressure out the water. Then, gently spin them to dry rapidly—it is a tremendous good technique to reduce on paper towel waste. Best half? The spinning movement received’t bruise your delicate produce, but it’ll dry them totally and prep them in your snacking or cooking wants.

4. Strain and dry pasta

Since the very last thing we wish to do is take up much more valuable cupboard area with cumbersome cooking instruments, you may wish to contemplate ditching your pasta strainer as soon as and for all and utilizing a salad spinner to get the job carried out, dare I say, even higher than a daily colander. If you’re apprehensive about there being an excessive amount of pasta water trapped within the grooves of your macaroni or penne, a fast spin will assist take away any extra moisture in seconds… and spare you from consuming a soggy bowl of mac and cheese.

5. Rinsing beans

Need to rinse beans for a recipe however don’t need them turning right into a mushy mess by the top? This is unquestionably a activity for a trusty salad spinner. Simply toss in a can of beans, give them rinse till they’re not slimy, drain them, and spin away till they’re shiny, dry, and able to use. Say goodbye to the times of by chance dropping half of your canned beans down the pores and skin as you try to rinse and drain them totally.

What to do together with your clear greens? How about this simple kale salad:

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