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“Now, the goal is going to be to ensure Kyle’s safety as he moves on as an 18-year-old young man in college studying to be a nurse,” Hancock told CNN affiliate WBBM. “Those are his plans moving forward.”

Rittenhouse attorney Mark Richards said his client has “a huge sense of relief” and wants to get on with his life. He added his client wishes none of the events surrounding the shootings of August 25, 2020, had happened.

Richards said Rittenhouse, who has 24-hour security, is on his way home and does not expect to continue to live in the area.

Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all charges in Kenosha shootings

Asked about the call for protests following today’s verdict, Hancock said, “The family calls for calm. Calls for calm. I mean, this was not an injustice.”

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“What I would say is, this is an inflection point, I think, for the country to look at the way things have been handled. Things have gone off the rails in relation to who Kyle is and why he was down here. It’s never been about politics. It’s not about race. This is about a young man who fled and felt as if his life was in danger and defended himself,” he added.

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