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Hackers take away Rs5.8 mln cash from ATM in Pindi Bhattian


Hackers have taken away over Rs5.8 million cash from an automated teller machine (ATM) by using a device in Punjab’s Pindi Bhattian city.

Bank sources told the media that the hackers stole over Rs5.8 million cash by using a device to hack an ATM. It was learnt that the criminals hacked the ATM tray containing banknotes worth Rs5,000.

Sources said that the ATM turned off automatically after its connection was lost from the device that sent an alert to the bank head office. A security guard rushed to the ATM booth but he found the machine’s tray empty.

The bank manager told the media that the ATM was sealed after the incident. The manager added that a case was lodged against the ATM theft and an investigation was launched by police.

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