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Governor terms PM’s Rs120b relief package a historic step


LAHORE   –  Punjab Governor Ch Sarwar said on Thursday that Rs120 billion relief package, announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan, was a historic step for the poor. Talking to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) delegations from various districts here at Governor’s House, he said the opposition parties should play their role in meeting the challenges being faced by the country. “All coalition parties including Q-League are standing with the government,” he added. The Punjab governor said that the government was committed to solving problems of inflation and unemployment. He said despite financial constraints, the government had provided relief to the poor people through Ehsaas programme. He said that the government was utilising all available sources to provide relief to masses as per its commitment made with the public. He said the government was stable and it had no threat from the opposition, adding that the opposition parties were not protesting for the first time as Fazlur Rehman and other political parties had staged long march against the government in the past also, but they failed in their agenda. He said that unfortunately the opposition parties were preferring personal and political interests to the national interest. He said that the opposition parties were also creating hurdles in electoral reforms, which were imperative for making the next elections fair and transparent. He urged the opposition to support the government on electoral reforms issue, adding that the government wanted consensus of all stakeholders on the key issue. The Punjab governor, while condemning the Indian forces for torturing and arresting the Kashmiri youth, said that Narendra Modi had unleashed the worst violence against Kashmiri people and carrying out genocide of Kashmiris.

 He said that resolution of Kashmir issue was vital for peace in the region.

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