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Google Chrome search option gets major speed boost


You’ve probably noticed potential queries suggested to you when you’re typing anything in Google Chrome’s omnibox. This makes searching for information faster and easier, as you don’t have to type in the entire search query. This feature was introduced by the company several years ago and since then, the tech giant has been working to boost the speed at which the browser shows the results. As per a blog post by Chrome product manager Yana Yushkina, the browser now shows results within 500 milliseconds as it fetches search results from the web even before you select a query.
“Searching in Chrome is now even faster, as search results are prefetched if a suggested query is very likely to be selected. This means that you see the search results more quickly, as they’ve been fetched from the web server before you even select the query. In fact, our experiments found that search results are now 4X more likely to be shown within 500 ms! Currently, this only happens if Google Search is your default search engine.” read the blog post.
Shutdown hang
A few years ago, the company added a local cache to Chrome’s history system with the goal of making startup faster. The company later found out that not only did this cache add code complexity and unnecessary memory usage, but it was also a top contributor to shutdown hangs in the browser. The company has now removed the cache and resolved a top shutdown hang.
“On some OSes, background priority threads can be starved of I/O indefinitely while there is any other I/O happening elsewhere on the system. Moreover, the performance benefits to our users were minimal, based on analysis of field data.” the blog post explained.
The company has also revealed that with field data from version M93 on Chromebooks, the browser now shows a total memory footprint reduction of 15% in addition to a 20% browser process memory reduction.

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