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genshin impact: Genshin Impact gets 2.2 update with new characters, teases OnePlus collaboration in China

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Genshin Impact has updated its version 2.2 with a new character Thoma, a new location unlocked in the Inazuma region, new monsters, a collaboration with Razer for global and a teaser for an upcoming OnePlus collaboration for China, reports XDA Developers. The Genshin Impact x OnePlus gift box will be available to order in China on November 5.
New Character: Thoma
Thoma is a four-star Pyro Polearm character, one that seems to be centred around a support role. He provides a strong defence and buffs, which is what you’re looking at for a support role. You will have to see his full kit and stats to see the kind of teams he fits into, but he does look like a better-positioned unit than Xinyan. There’s only one new character in this update, but that should give people time to farm and level up the whole collection of new characters that have been released in the past few updates.
New location: Inazuma
Inazuma is getting its final major island to unlock in the form of Tsurumi Island, which should be completing Inazuma as a region. The highlight of this region is the dense fog in the region, as well as the new enemies that apply a corrosion effect. Tsurumi Island will also be the focus of new events, which means exploring it would be crucial to obtain event-limited rewards.
New Enemies: Rifthounds and Rifthound Whelps
Rifthounds and their Whelps are the newest enemies players will encounter when they go around exploring Tsurumi Island. These creatures focus on stealth and try to sneak an attack on the player. When an attack hits a character, all party members will be affected by the “Corrosion” status (similar to the Corrosion status in the current Spiral Abyss Floor 11), which causes all members to continually lose HP regardless of their shield status. There appear to be two-element types of Rifthounds: Geo and Electro.
Other new game mechanics, events and changes
Aloy for all players
Aloy, the 5 star Cryo Bow user unlocked for PlayStation users in the last patch, will now be available to all players (above Adventure Rank 20) in this update. Log into the game once updated and she should be available to you to build and play.
Hangout Events: Sayu and Thoma
Both Sayu and Thoma are the newest characters getting their own Hangout event.
Events: Labyrinth Warriors and Tuned to the World’s Sounds
There will be two events in this update. Labyrinth Warriors is a combat event centred around Childe and Xinyan, while Tuned to the World’s Sounds is a music-based event.
Serenitea Pot
The Serenitea Pot is getting a new Inazuma-themed realm layout called “Silken Courtyard” (unlocked when you reach Thunder Sakura level 40), several more Inazuma-style Furnishing Blueprints in the wild as well as through Tubby, a new furnishing type in the form of Floating Platforms which can be height adjusted, and flowers that can be earned through the time-limited “Dreams of Bloom” event.
Genshin Impact x OnePlus collaboration
OnePlus will unveil a limited-time Genshin Impact gift pack which will include tailor-made Genshin Impact goodies along with an in-game bonus. It will be a Sucrose-themed limited time gift box for China. The box contains a OnePlus 9RT, a Sucrose case, a Sucrose stand poster, an Anemo themed back-clip cooling fan and a Sucrose badge. The phone also comes with a Sucrose theme installed. Buyers will also receive 1000 primogems and a bunch of other in-game goodies.

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