Doors for impartial elections closed: Hamdullah

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Doors for impartial elections closed: Hamdullah

LAHORE: Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) spokesman, Hafiz Hamdullah, has said the PTI government has closed the doors of impartial and uncontroversial elections in the country after making the most controversial legislation.

Terming the November 17 as the darkest day of the country’s history, PDM spokesman said that the Prime Minister Imran Khan had given coming generations into slavery of foreign powers through the worst legislation.

Addressing a press conference on Sunday along with party leaders Bilal Durrani and Osama Durrani, he appealed to the people to come on streets against the incompetent and anti-people government, which according to him had become a fatal disease.

Hafiz Hamdullah claimed that the legislation had handed over the State Bank of Pakistan to the IMF and the state had lost control over the Central Bank, adding, “State Bank will make economic policies at the behest of foreign powers to further destroy the country’s economy.”

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He said Imran Khan ignored 37 objections raised by the Election Commission on EVMs and completely ignored the opposition parties, insulting millions of voters in the country to serve the agenda of his foreign masters.

He said many PTI ministers were making appearances in the Election Commission regarding serious violations, and it was the reason the prime minister disregarded the

objections of Election Commission, an independent constitutional institution.

He asserted the PDM had rejected the highly controversial legislation, the government got it passed in total violation of rules and regulations by using sheer state power and sidelining the opposition, adding, “PDM will move to Supreme Court against this anti-state legislation.”

He blamed Prime Minister Imran Khan was not only the advocate of enemy spy Kulbhushan Yadav but also gave him NRO for his safe return to his country.

He recalled Imran Khan used to raise his voice for Kashmir’s freedom before coming to power, but he gave away Kashmir to Modi under a deal with former US president Trump, adding that Imran Khan had been releasing Indian spies and terrorists while Indian army massacring innocent Kashmiri Muslims.

Hamdullah accused PTI of completely destroying economy and reducing rupee value against dollar to historic low level that caused inflation and poverty, jibing, “After raising petrol, electricity and gas prices to unbelievable rates, now PTI government has announced providing gas only three times a day, like a doctor gives medicines to patients.”

Reminding PM Imran Khan of his statements when he was in opposition, PDM spokesman said, “Whenever, rupee devalues and petrol, electricity prices increase, it means your prime minister is a thief.”

He said that PDM’s meeting scheduled on Nov 23 would be participated by Maulana Fazlur Rehman, Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif and leaders of other parties. “The PDM steering committee will finalise proposals for countrywide wheel jam strike, and long march on Islamabad,” asserted Hamdullah.

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