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covid: For first time in 70 days, no Covid-19 deaths in Bengaluru | Bengaluru News


BENGALURU: The Karnataka capital reported no Covid-19 deaths on Monday, a first in the past 70 days. The last time this happened was on August 23.
The state’s daily toll was down to two on Monday, both from Mysuru with 30 other districts reporting no deaths. The state reported 188 fresh cases, of which 95 were from Bengaluru. Having conducted 73,924 tests in the past 24 hours, the state’s daily positivity rate was less than 0.3%.
Till 8.30pm, the state had vaccinated 1.1 lakh persons, of which 26,213 were from Bengaluru. According to the state health and family welfare department, vaccination played a crucial role in Covid control. In all, 4.2 crore vaccine doses have been used for the first jab in the state and 2.3 crore for the second dose.
Gaurav Gupta, chief commissioner, BBMP, told TOI that Bengaluru has maintained a seven-day average of 150-160 cases and there’s general trend of reduction in cases and deaths. “Vaccination coverage has reduced hospitalisation in the city. Those vaccinated are less susceptible for hospitalisation even if they get infected. We’re seeing around 10 admissions a day in the city in both private and government hospitals,” he said.
He added that BBMP officials have been monitoring the situation at various levels and keeping track of genomic sequencing too.
Covid deaths: Data lag a possibility, say officials
H priate insisted behaviour that Covid be -appro fol – – lowed. The disease seems to be waning across the state. In October, the state saw less than 10 deaths in 15 days. However, data lag is a possibility, say officials. After reporting no deaths in the city on August 23, the very next day there were 11 and delay in reporting them was cited as a reason. “Sometimes a day’s deaths are reported after a 72-hour delay. So, rather than one day, it is better to look at week-on-week deaths,” said D Randeep, commissioner, health department.
“With the decline in cases, the fall in deaths was expected. However, data must be seen on a day-to-day basis…,” said KV Trilok Chandra, special commissioner (health), BBMP.

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