Colombia to offer second coronavirus booster shots to over 50s, others

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BOGOTA: Colombia will offer a second coronavirus booster shot to people aged 50 and over, the government said on Friday (May 6).

Colombia has reported just under 6.1 million confirmed coronavirus infections and 139,809 deaths, according to the Health Ministry.

The decision on a second booster comes after the Andean country of around 50 million people hit its target of fully vaccinating 70 per cent of its population, the government said.

A second booster shot “will be important to keep protecting ourselves, saving lives, and giving confidence to the population,” President Ivan Duque said in a statement.

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Second boosters will consist of either a half dose of the Moderna vaccine or a full dose of the Pfizer vaccine, he added.

Those eligible for the second booster can get it four months after receiving their first, the government said.

The government in March had started to offer second boosters to those with autoimmune conditions and those who had received organ transplants.

Almost 11.9 million people have received a first booster shot, according to Health Ministry figures, while just over 19,000 have had a second booster.

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