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China-Taiwan crisis: Dragon fired 4-5 ballistic missiles at Japan, know full details


New Delhi: The controversy arising out of Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is not taking its name to stop. China had already warned about this visit of Pelosi. Meanwhile, China launched missile attacks on the Taiwan border on Thursday. Dragon fired several ballistic missiles one after the other. According to the information, many missiles have also fallen in the territory of Japan in this air strike of China.

Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi told a news conference that five of the nine ballistic missiles fired by China fell into Japanese territory. Japan has opposed this move of China. Defense Minister Kishi said this was a serious matter and he termed it as affecting the national security of Japan and the security of civilians.

Missiles fell in Japan’s economic zone
Let us tell you that China conducts military exercises on a large scale around the border of Taiwan. The part of Okinawa, Japan’s southernmost island region, is closest to Taiwan. Defense Minister Kishi said this was the first time Chinese ballistic missiles had fallen into Japan’s exclusive economic zone. The economic zone of Japan near which Chinese missiles fell is 200 nautical miles from the coast of Japan.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry has called the firing of missiles on the border of Taiwan as a move to undermine regional peace and it is an irrational action.

Let us tell you that China had opposed the visit of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. Despite this, Pelosi was on a visit to Taiwan on Tuesday Wednesday. Since his visit, China got angry and now the dispute between China and Taiwan is not taking its name to stop.

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