CBC Radio’s The House: Fighting floods, tackling protectionism

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48:31Fighting floods, tackling protectionism

On this week’s show: B.C. MPs Brad Vis and Richard Cannings react to flooding and landslides in the region and Transport Minister Omar Alghabra talks about building resilient infrastructure and supply chains. Plus — International Trade Minister Mary Ng and cross-border business council head Scotty Greenwood weigh in on the fight to secure a piece of the electric vehicle market and Government House Leader Mark Holland discusses the Liberals’ upcoming legislative priorities. 48:31

B.C., flooded

Flooding in B.C. has displaced thousands of people and could have long-term effects on transportation and supply chains in Canada. As extreme weather events become more severe and frequent, what does Canada need to do to build resilient infrastructure and keep goods and services flowing?

To discuss the situation, fishing guide Kevin Estrada describes how a flotilla of Fraser Valley anglers has been rescuing people and livestock from the high waters. Then, B.C. Conservative MP Brad Vis and NDP MP Richard Cannings talk about how their ridings have been affected and what needs to be done next.

Finally, Transport Minister Omar Alghabra discusses what the federal government is doing to restore supply chain routes and protect critical infrastructure into the future.

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British Columbia MPs Brad Vis and Richard Cannings react to flooding and landslides in the province and Transport Minister Omar Alghabra talks about the federal government’s response. 20:52

Canada gets shocked on EVs

President Joe Biden’s proposed tax credit for American-made electric vehicles has created a rift along the 49th parallel, threatening Canada’s nascent EV manufacturing industry.

It’s unclear how successful Team Canada’s lobbying efforts at the North American Leaders’ Summit were. Could EVs be the next big cross-border political irritant, like softwood lumber or Keystone XL?

International Trade Minister Mary Ng explains what tools Canada has to counter U.S. protectionism and Scotty Greenwood, CEO of the Canadian American Business Council, provides insight on the likelihood of Canada getting an exemption.

11:51Canada gets shocked on EVs

International Trade Minister Mary Ng discusses Canada’s options surrounding Biden’s protectionist approach to electric vehicles and former diplomat Scotty Greenwood offers her analysis of Canada-U.S. tensions. 11:51

Getting the House in order

The House of Commons is set to finally meet again next week, but will sit for just four short weeks before a holiday break. The government has promised to introduce a series of important pieces of legislation in its first 100 days. Which bills will emerge as top priorities? And will the tone of this minority Parliament be any better than the last?

Government House Leader Mark Holland joins the program to discuss the Liberals’ legislative priorities, including broadcasting regulation and protecting health care workers.

13:05Getting the House in order

Government House Leader Mark Holland joins The House as the House of Commons returns to break down the government’s legislative priorities. 13:05

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