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Best Review: Superstar Vijay’s fans will also be disappointed with the Tamil film ‘Beast’


The lovers of Tamil films are well aware of Dalpati Vijay. Vijay, who started his career as a child artist, has seen many shortcomings in life. Father was a film producer but his work was not going well. Vijay’s mother used to sing songs in concerts for which she used to get 100 rupees. On the day this money was received, arrangements for food could be made in the house. In childhood, Vijay was a very fun-loving child, but his younger sister Vidya died at the age of only 2 years and Vijay’s face was blown away by laughter, and ignorance from life. After leaving half of his studies, Vijay took up acting completely. Sometimes doing a family film, sometimes doing a romantic film, Vijay’s career was full of ups and downs. In the 2000s, Vijay started working in action films and Vijay’s star rose to the heights. Today, Vijay’s film fees are the highest among Tamil films, at least three times more than Rajinikanth. Vijay’s films have been creating panic at the box office for some time now. Due to Vijay’s acting, his unique dancing style, excellent action and comedy done with mischievous eyes, people reach to watch films in the name of Vijay in the country and abroad. His last film Master is still alive. In contrast his recent film “Beast” which was released in theaters on 13 April 2022 did not do much at the box office even though the advance bookings were very good. For this reason, this film has now been released on Netflix. The audience will see because of the film Vijay, Vijay’s character is also shadowed on the film but the script of the film is weak.

In the film, Vijay plays Veera, a RAW agent who resigns from RAW as an innocent girl is unintentionally killed by him while trying to arrest a terrorist named Umar Farooq (Lilliput) in a secret mission. Vijay, who is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, takes treatment from a psychiatrist but it does not make much difference, rather the psychiatrist has to go to a big psychiatrist. Umar Farooq’s accomplices enter the mall in Chennai and capture it and take about 250 people hostage. Vijay also happens in that mall itself. He hides and starts thwarting the planning of terrorists. One by one he kills the terrorists. On the other hand, Umar Farooq is released because of a corrupt Home Minister. But Vijay finds him in Pakistan and gets him arrested again.

There are many reasons for the failure of the film but the biggest problem is the script of the film. The film starts in Kashmir and Vijay is made a superhero from the beginning as he easily kills terrorists and takes Umar Farooq captive. A girl child is killed in this attack because Vijay’s officer gives her wrong information. Vijay is in love with this girl. Vijay did not get the full opportunity to rejoice over it and the guilt was created in his mind, he was missing from the film and instead of it, an attempt has been made to make fun of PTSD by putting a comedy of psychotherapy. The love affair between Vijay and Pooja begins in a strange way and soon turns so deep that Pooja even gets him a job in her company. Vijay’s job days are not kept in the script. All the guards in the security agency are old and an attempt has been made to create humor through them. Vijay being in the mall is a good coincidence but his escape and hiding from terrorists has become a very weak scene. The phone’s jammers are on but Vijay’s phone rings because he has become an agent of RAW. Contacting Selvaraghavan (actor Dhanush’s brother who is himself a successful film director) as his handler is also half-finished as it is not possible to find out who is in the mall. Vijay starts killing the terrorists with the help of a knife but he does not even touch their guns etc. Aparna, the minister’s daughter, wants to become an IPS but is held hostage. Even when Vijay rescues her, he does not ask her to help by handing over the gun. In the climax of the story, Vijay also flies a fighter jet MiG, requests the government to send Dassault Rafale planes to kill Pakistan’s F-16 planes. There is a flight of imagination in films, but that flight is not so high that the viewers stop understanding.

The role of Vijay has been written thoughtfully. Writer-director Nelson writes his own films. His last film Doctor, which was very successful, was marred by a weak script. Although Vijay liked Nelson’s script very much, so he signed this film. The film completely glorifies Vijay, whereas in none of the films before this, Vijay was described as a larger than life in Vijay’s films. The beauty of Vijay lies in the fact that he does every role in such a way that the audience trusts him. This has not happened in Beast. The action and stunts are excellent, but better stunts have been seen in Tamil cinema than this. A RAW agent fighting terrorists like a super human or flying a MiG plane, the audience couldn’t digest it. Where did this plane come from, it is not even in the script. Pooja Hegde is the heroine with Vijay, who is the guest of only two songs and a few half-dozen scenes. No scope was given to Pooja to act, just her dance moves in the songs Arabic Kuthu and Jolly O Gymkhana. Pooja is a beautiful actress but was in the film only for the glamor quotient. Aparna Das’s role was small and insignificant. Selvaraghavan is successful as a director but does not work as an actor. The role of Lilliput and Ankur Vikal was also small. There was nothing special to do.

Why the hero of the film should be made a superhero, these questions we viewers are still afraid to ask. In the last few years, in good films and web series, we have got a very realistic idea of ​​the working of RAW or Army agents, so it is incomprehensible for a RAW agent to do such an action. The twin brothers Anbumani and Arivumani have done a great job on the action. Vijay has also played these sequences well. This is Vijay’s first film with Anbu and Arivu. No action has come from anyone else’s part, terrorists are kept in the film only to be beaten or die at the hands of Vijay. The scale of the film is huge. The entire set was built for filming the mall scenes. The film’s music is composed by Anirudh of Kolaveri, whose directorial debut is with Nelson and third with Vijay. A song from the film, Arabic Kuthu, became very popular, and Instagram was flooded with reels. The songs should have been created in the film but the length of the romantic track was very short, so there were only two songs. The third song was like the theme song for the film Beast.

The film is completely focused on Vijay. Victory prevails. But Vijay’s superstar status cannot make him bigger than the story of the film. If the script is weak then even the best hero cannot save the film. Vijay’s fans will definitely watch the film but will be disappointed by the strange script. Vijay’s action will be seen full of action but his comedy and stardom is missing. It is just an attempt to capitalize on Vijay’s popularity a little more by putting hit dialogues of old films at the end, but all this comes after a long time. There is nothing like Beast in Beast, yes if there is entertainment then the film can be seen. The Hindi dub is available on Netflix under the name “Raw”.

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