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Battlegrounds Mobile India to disable this login method for certain users: All details


Battlegrounds Mobile India has announced some changes in respect to the login methods for the app. The company has confirmed via an official post that Facebook logins will be disabled starting November 5 for a certain type of BGMI users.
The change in login method is only applicable for Android users and won’t affect iOS users at all. The company has also confirmed that the change is due to a policy change in the Facebook SDK.
What is this new login change for BGMI?
According to the official post published by Krafton, starting November 5, 2021, users who use their Facebook account as a login method for BGMI will need to have the Facebook app installed on their smartphone. The embedded browser of Android devices to log in to Facebook accounts will no longer work.
It is also important to bring to the attention that all the Facebook accounts in the embedded browser of Android devices will be disabled after the set date due to the new Facebook SDK policy.
What to do about the new login method change
Krafton itself has offered the solution for this. Users who use their Facebook account as the login method for the battle royale game can install the Facebook app to continue using the login method, else the BGMI account will be disabled and all the progress will be lost.
Alternatively, they can also link another account with BGMI and sync the progress from their current account and use that login method in the future.

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