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apple watch: Apple Watch Series 8 may come with blood glucose monitoring


Apple Watch Series 8 could come with a blood glucose monitoring feature, as per a report by CultofMac, based on one by DigiTimes. The latest Apple Watch Series 7 was earlier rumoured to come with the aforesaid feature but that didn’t happen. As per the report, Apple has joined hands with Asian firms Ennostar and TAS to add non-invasive blood sugar monitoring to the 2022 model.
The short-wavelength infrared LED sensors developed by Ennostar and TAS will help detect the blood glucose level of a person wearing the Watch Series 8. As per the report, the sensors could also help monitor the blood oxygen level and heart rate of the wearer but these features are not new to the Apple Watch series now. The sensors will reportedly be ready to use in 2022, which means the Apple Watch Series 8 could get them.
Apple is way ahead of its competitors when it comes to giving health monitoring features in a smartwatch. The tech giant was recently granted a new patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent is related to checking the hydration levels of an individual with the help of the Apple Watch, as per a report by Patently Apple.
The method described in the patent deals with taking samples of perspiration of the individual by measuring one or more electrical properties of sweat with the help of electrodes in the watch. The data gathered in the form of electrical properties could then be correlated with the concentration of electrolytes present in the sweat. As mentioned, some electrodes present at the base of the Apple Watch dial, positioned on the inner side of the wrist strap, could do the trick of data collection by measuring the electrical properties.

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