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apple: Here are the average salaries Apple may be paying to some engineers


Big tech companies are known to be good paymasters and have immense aspirational value amongst job seekers. Be it Apple, Google, Microsoft or Amazon, there’s a lot of curiosity about how much would they be paying to their employees. If you have ever wondered how much does Apple Pay on average to its engineers or developers, then a report by Business Insider reveals the average salary Apple pays to its employees.
The research done by Business Insider has some data limitations — like no inclusion of stock grants — but still gives an idea of how much Apple pays. The report says that the highest overall salary was given to an engineer in California who took home $3,50,000 (Rs 2.6 crore roughly). The lowest average salary, as per the report wasy $1,06,500 (roughly Rs 79.6 lakh).
The report says that American companies have to disclose how much they intend to pay workers from abroad when they apply for visas. The data is released by the US Office of Foreign Labour Certification. The report is based on the data revealed in the third quarter on about 1,000 Apple work visas. Do note that these salaries are only in the US and mostly from states like California, Texas and Washington.
Apple reportedly pays anywhere between $1,28,200 to $2,20,000 to software development engineer for systems. A machine learning engineer can command between $1,35,000 to $2,50,000. A production services engineer could earn an average salary between $1,50,000 to $1,60,000. Software development engineers for firmware and applications can earn between $1,25,000 to $2,05,108.
These are indicative salaries and are based on the data released by the US Office of Foreign Labour Certification.

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