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apple: Apple may be working on ‘privacy glasses’, here’s what it means


Apple has filed a new patent for a new glass that will only let owners of an iPhone to view content on the display. The patent application filed by Apple at US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) describes it as ‘privacy glasses’ that prevent others around you from viewing the content on your iPhone’s screen.
Patently Apple has reported that the patent application talks about a new system that can display vision-corrected graphical outputs and standard graphical outputs on an electronic device.
What makes this new patent from Apple interesting is the ‘Privacy Eyewear’. The eyewear is designed to prevent others from viewing screen content. What this means is Apple’s privacy glasses will first register a user and determine the corrective eyewear scenarios for vision deficiency. The display will then collaborate according to the vision deficiency associated with the registered user without needing to put in the regular power glass. So, the content on the screen won’t be visible to others.
Considering Apple is already rumoured to be working on its own smart glass, a feature like this can change the entire smart glass scenario.
Apart from this, the company has also talked about custom FaceID profiles. This system, according to the patent application, will be able to create different profiles for Face ID and distinguish details like face, hairstyles, beard, mustache, glasses, no glasses, reading glasses, sunglasses, etc. The feature may arrive in next-generation Face ID.
The addition of Face ID profiles can also be very helpful for users on both iPhone, iPad or even Mac (if it gets Face ID in future). This will allow users to automatically switch user accounts, or switch to Focus modes, etc.
But, this is still a patent application and whether it will make its cut to the real world is yet to be seen.

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