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apple: Apple announces Safari 15.1 for macOS Catalina and Big Sur with traditional tab design


Apple has changed the layout of tabs in Safari to give it a classic look for macs running on macOS Big Sur and Catalina with Safari 15.1. Previously, Apple released this feature while officially announcing macOS Monterey. Several users disliked the design that unified the address bar with the tab bar so the Safari 15 underwent several changes since it was released at WWDC 2021. Apple fixed it with an option to split, yet, this design was criticised compared to previous versions.
Apple has now decided to completely get back to Safari’s old tab layout for users who want the ‘Separate’ option in their web browser settings. The new unified design is still available and comes as default. Apple announced a beta version of Safari 15.1 with the traditional tab design as a specific update for the users who are running macOS Catalina and Big Sur. Now, this update is officially available for users who are still running the old OS and haven’t yet upgraded to macOS Monterey.
If you want to install the new version of Safari on your Mac, go to System Preferences app and select the Software Update option. If you want to get back to the old design of Safari can be found in the Tabs menu in the app’s preferences.

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