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amazon: You will soon have to pay 50% more for Amazon Prime Membership: New prices, date and all other details


Amazon Prime membership is set to cost you more. Starting December 14, Amazon Prime membership in India will cost Rs 1499. Amazon had made announcement of increasing Amazon Prime membership fees in October this year during the company’s annual Diwali sale — Amazon Great Indian Festival sale. The company, however, had not revealed the date. Here are all the details:
When are the new prices coming into effect
The new prices will go into effect starting December 14. This means that customers have the option to extend their subscription at old prices till December 13.
How much is the price hike
The annual Amazon Prime membership currently costs Rs 999, the new price is Rs 1499. This means an increase of Rs 500.
Can users renew membership at current prices now even if their membership ends after December 14
Yes, users can join/renew Prime membership and lock in the old price as part of a limited period offer that Amazon is running. “We recommend that you renew or buy Prime as soon as possible before the offer ends,” says Amazon. “We recommend that you renew or buy Prime as soon as possible before the offer ends on 13-Dec-2021 11:59 PM,” adds the company
Are there other membership plans as well
Yes, there’s three-month (quaterly) plan that will be priced at Rs 459 instead of the current Rs 329, and the one-month plan will cost Rs 179, up from the current Rs 129.
Is the price valid for future auto-renewals done currently as well
No. As you are joining Prime during the limited period offer the price charged for the initial membership period will be the offer price (Rs 999 annual). However, the new price (Rs 1499) will be applicable for your first renewal after the first membership period. Similarly, all auto renewals during the offer period will be at offer price (Rs 999).
What about existing Prime members, do they need to pay extra after December 13
Existing Prime members can continue to enjoy their benefits for the duration of their current Prime membership. They do not have to pay extra.

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