About 100 Da’ish militants surrender in Afghanistan

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About 100 Da’ish-affiliated militants surrendered in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Nangarhar on Tuesday, a local official confirmed.

“Some 100 Da’ish or IS militants surrendered to officials of Nangarhar General Directorate of Intelligence (GDI) in provincial capital Jalalabad city Tuesday morning,” Mohammad Bashir, director of Nangarhar GDI office, told reporters.

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The militants who surrendered were active in Mohmand Dara, Chaparhar, Kot and Khogiani districts, according to Bashir.

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With the former insurgents’ surrender, peace and stability would be further strengthened in the mountainous province, the official said.

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The surrendered militants called on fellow Da’ish members to lay down their arms.

The Da’ish group, which has staged several attacks in Nangarhar in recent months, has yet to make comments on the report.


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